Ankara İngiliz Kültür Koleji




Because it is a lesson for learning and developing native language, Turkish is the most important lesson for students in order to have a healthy development and to harmonize with society.

Turkish is not a lesson about knowledge, it is also about skills. It is highly important to put emphasis on Turkish not only during Turkish lessons, but also in other lessons because Turkish is an identity lesson. Therefore, we should think about this question: How do we give this identity to our students? Or can we indoctrinate it correctly? In order to say “I know this language” or to “know” a language, one has to master four different areas of language.

These are listening, speaking, reading and writing. Thanks to reading and listening we understand; thanks to speaking and writing we communicate. Our understanding abilities are in direct proportion to our communication abilities. In addition to these four areas, we should master knowledge and usage of grammar. If we can understand, we can communicate. We must be understood by the things we communicate. Without literacy, it is impossible for us to have mutual interaction. Almost all people in our society are literate. However, in what aspect are we literate? In the same way, how much can a society, which does not read and write, understand or communicate? This is the point we should think about.

During Turkish lessons,

  • To talk in front of public with a fluent and standard Turkish without getting too excited,

  • The features of a good speech, speech defects, preparation period before a speech and what to do to control excitement,

To know that he/she has to speak fluently whether she wants to develop herself,

To be a good listener and use her body language while listening,

Not to worry while talking about her opinions when taking notes and add some ideas,

To be aware that writing is also a routine just like reading and it can improve by writing,

Creative writing skills and technique,

Reading makes a human’s inwardness richer and is the best way to build up a background,

Has finish a school with reading,

Arrange readings skills and techniques according to the type of the text,

Know that she/ he will be more successful ıf she improves her reading and understanding,

To be a good observer,

Watch a good quality programs and documents,

Fallow journals and newspapers,

Be sensitive about social global issues,

Know the rules of language and do not to leave the rules to theory, a piece of paper they wrote a note and corresponded with friends for use all areas.

Use the language without causing any wrong expressions,

To protect our language and know what could happen ıf we lost our language,

Protect national values and feelings,

Short term memory cannot store lots of information, and adding new information would be forgotten, because of this you should take notes on everything,

To determine priorities,

To use time more efficiently and know that with a good timing she/he can do whatever he/he wants,

Not to copy searching skills and techniques and find out new methods,

A good homework specialities and reading,

Judgmental thinking and reading,

To respect different view of opinions and live differences,

A man’s inner potential only by act,

To be creative and productive,

We can find out that love and knowledge are two things that can rise when shared,


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