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 British Culture Collages’ Unit of Guidance gives importance not only the mental development of students, but also their physical, psychological and social developments. Basis of our studies is to make students gain emotional and social maturity in the school environment and make them improve their awareness. As the guidance unit, we hold activities that help our students to have positive attitudes towards learning, to express themselves clearly by gaining self-consciousness. Together with these, we spend time with our students closely in order to give them the skills of effective studying. We help them to act happily and peacefully in a group by avoiding variable obstacles that cause some failures in their school life. We aim to light the ways of our students and their parents by holding seminars for parents on the subjects of child development, communication between mother-father and child, educating a child; and seminars for students on the subjects of exam anxiety, puberty period, friendships, techniques of effective study time, and controlling anxiety and anger. Together with all these, we follow the changes in student’s life closely during the year by applying various tests, surveys and questioners that are suitable for their age groups. Students results are shared with both home-room teachers and parents. With the aid of this data, we aim to guide our students and parents. We should focus on children in order that future will be brighter.
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