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 Development is multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary. Improvement of people is a complicated process consisting of four basic dimensions; these are physical development, mental development, emotional development, and social development. Even though each dimension focuses on one specific part of development, they are interdependent to each other. A healthy development requires a healthy body. The development of a child’s walking both properly and on time depends on the child’s proper development of muscular, skeletal and nervous systems in accordance with his/ her age. A child starting primary school needs to have fully- grown muscular, skeletal and nervous systems to be able to hold a pencil and write. Consequently, the source of some problems in learning enviroenments is because of the child’s deficiency in physical growth and development. Having enough knowledge about growth issues, teachers are capable of solving these kinds of problem.

In the light of this data, at British Culture College, we give importance to child and their development and through the psychological counseling unit in our school, we enlighten both our students and our parents about misunderstood truths. We guide and enlighten students about both their academic and psychological and social development. As usual, the most important phase of development begins with pre-school education. In pre-school, a set of physical and kinetic development of children starts.

In addition to this, we are with our minors in an orientation period and follow new changes with our minors closely, we perform studies and provide parents with the results. Apart from these observations, we determine if a child is ready for school by applying the Metropolitan ( school test) test to evaluate children’s verbal information, digital information, visual information and fine motor skills. We guide and enlighten our teachers and parents on this issue. Through seminars using parental and student information, we exchange opinions on the approach we follow in primary and secondary school.

Through regular seminars, both parents and students act by realizing what is wrong or right, and they realize both physical and social changes they have undergone during terms. We get the chance to know our students better and to follow their level of development through observations in classrooms, tests and inventories that are applied by the psychological counseling unit so that we can share detailed information about the things that should be done for students together with their parents. Our basic aims are to follow our students very closely during their their academic period, monitor physical, social, psychological and academic changes and to solve problems that are faced during the academic period.

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