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 Our main purpose is determining the efficiency levels of the activities and learning environment which are arranged all through the academic year.

The activities of assessment and evaluation, aimed to determine the levels of students in our education system, are taken as the basis of the pathway those parents, teachers and administration use for the student’s success.

With the help of activities led by the Unit of Assessment and Evaluation, used curriculum and students’ successes are evaluated; needed materials, methods and techniques are searched, improved and used accurately.

In our school, at the beginning of every academic year, exams are applied to gather the levels of students. Under the light of these exams’ results, students’ knowledge, skills and needs in the present academic year are stated in detail and programs are prepared to correct their deficiencies.

At the beginning of the semester together with school administration and teachers, exam schedules are prepared and they are given to the parents. Results of the exams are reported by our unit and they are shared with students and parents.

At least, every month the results of a pilot test are analyzed and missing topics and lesson functions are listed. After seeing what those missing parts are, personal study programs are prepared for students.

All the new studies on Assessment and Evaluation are followed and shared withteachers, students and parents by our unit.

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