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The Head Principal Ataturk’s point of view was that the first condition of national salvation was to win the victory of army in the name of national conflict. However, the duties that were meant to be done were as important as the war of independence. Despite the war the sending out the enemy from our country, Ataturk was engaging national education. In these hard conditions of war, the National Eduacation Congress in Ankara held an assembly. Even being aware of the heavy conditions at the front, Ataturk refused to delay the congress. He even spoke the opening speech of the congress himself.

In that speech: “To cure the wounds of states body that the negligence of managements made which took hundreds of years with no doubt, we should use maximum effort for knowledge and culture. Our nation which fought with weapons shall also fight with their knowledge, I have no doubt that our nation will show the same might by using knowledge as well as showing might on weapons.” He said. He also pointed out that “Our schools and the Higher Education Council that were a source to qualify our nation will establish the same knowledge and science as used to rule the army and reach victory.” In every opportunity, Ataturk would speak out to  teachers; “The victory which our army won, prepared a process for you and for the victory of your army. You will win the real victory, you will maintain and absolutely accomplish.” He also continued  “Education, carries vital importance for the nations to live in independence and power.” According to Ataturk, “The most important point and the main point is the issue of education. Because education either makes a nation live in an independent, free, glorious, noble community or leaves a nation in slavery and misery.”

In The Teacher’s Union Congress that met in Ankara, Ataturk expressed this duty of education with these words: “Your success will be the success of this Republic. You shall never forget that, Republic will always ask for who are powerful knowingly, scientifically, physically and well characterized guardians.

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