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amac v hedeflerimiz

Kindergarten and primary school supports and enhances a student’s cognitive sensitive psychomotor behavior and intellectual accumulation of knowledge as well as they support the social and emotional development of the students. During these years, language and mathematics form the basis for their future educational success.

The academic success of students in the upcoming years depends upon the primary school education. For this reason, schools should provide the basis for creative, motivating, interesting and entertaining learning environment, related to the real world, which will allow students to experiments, research, question and doubt.

It is our objective, mission  and main principle that our little children who start their lives with tiny timid steps, can live up to their potentials  and find positive role-models who will guide them, and, most importantly, boost their self-confidence before they continue to a higher educational institution.

Our Objectives

*Being devoted to our country and dedicated to Atatürk’s Principles and Reforms,

*Having the abilities of searching and questioning,

*Being responsible,

*Being ready to be renewed and improved as citizens of the world,

*Being respectful to the democracy and human rights and freedom,

*Being capable of using another language besides English,

*Being capable of improving on subjects of science, art and sports according to the personal interests and abilities,

*Being protective of our national culture and universal values,

*Carrying the ability of analytical and critical thinking,

*Being problem solvers and independent decision givers,

*Taking part in social awareness projects,

*Carrying an improved consciousness of healthy life,

*Being sensitive towards nature, and to environmental problems,

*Carrying the ability of working both as individuals and teams,

*Having earned effective communication skill,

*Being capable of raising new generations who know the importance of old values, protect them, and carry them into the future,

*Having the principle of making our students continue their education successfully in higher educational foundations,

*Creating a disciplined but loving atmosphere to be like a family with our administrators, teachers, students and their  parents under our foundational identity.

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