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The Spanish Language



Spanish is the language which is accepted as the formal language by most countries in the world. In the United States of America and throughout the world, after English,

Spanish is the most widely used language. Spanish has been used as the formal language by such organisations as United Nations and European Union.

Taking these elements into consideration, in order for our students to be successful in their careers, to open up their horizons by getting to know other cultures, the Spanish language teaching as a second language is provided in our school.

The Spanish Language Levels according to the European Common Language Criteria:

Level A1: When our students complete level A1, they can make simple sentences that they can use in daily life and read and write simple and short texts easily.

Level A2: On this level, our students can give information about themselves, their families, favourite places, jobs and education and they can understand sentences about them.

Level B1: When our students complete this level, they can read long texts. They can understand the topics in the texts in a more detailed way and they can comment on them. They can write and speak about the subjects they are interested in and they can talk about their future plans.

Level B2: When our students complete this level, they can speak to a native speaker fluently and they can write longer texts in which they can interpret current topics.

Level C1: When our students complete this level, they can speak fluently and they can understand others easily and they can easily communicate in Spanish in their career.

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