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Social Studies lessons are covered under ‘Life Sciences’ from 1st grade to 3rd grade of primary school. Besides it being a lesson which makes children ready for real life and improve their social aspects, Social Studies lessons also include history, geography and citizenship topics.

Social Studies lessons are divided into different branches in high school which are history, geography and philosophy.

The aim of Social Studies lessons is to provide a harmony between the individual and the society by improving individuals’ knowledge, attitude and skills that they can use for problem solving.


  • It helps students to learn their citizenship responsibilities.

  • It increases students’ love, respect and trust towards the Turkish nation, flag and Turkish army.

  • It causes awareness of the importance of Ataturk’s principals and reforms and protecting them.

  • It teaches the main principles that the Turkish Republic was based on.

  • * It aims to teach Turkish history.

  • It enables us to discover both our country and our world.

  • It teaches democratic rules for living.

  • It enhances the feelings of living together, taking responsibility, helping each other and making decisions.

  • It helps people to comprehend the rights and mutual responsibilities.

  • It teaches the effects of improvements of science and techniques on human life.

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