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Methods and techniques of Music lesson and effects on students:

Music, in the widest sense, is the form of sound which has got a form and motion. In other words, it’s an artistic form in which sound and silence are expressed periodically. It’s also expected to cause an emotional effect on the audience if a sound which has got a form and motion is to be accepted as ‘music’. Music has got an important place in educational process and contributes to sensual and cognitive aspects. From birth, people gain the ability to hear and store the sounds which are around them. Music, especially during primary school years should be gained to children in a scientific way and placed regularly into their emotional world.

A student who has Music lesson;

* designs musical experiences which are supported via school experiences with the behaviors of musical hearing, musical singing, musical playing and musical taste.

  • They realize that music is an ever developing and existing fact in life like a dynamic structure.

Hence, we should introduce music to our children at an early age and we should make them remember that music is an inseparable part of human life.


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