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Private British Culture College Primary School, in accordance with the Ministry of National Education’s basic aims and principals, has aimed to bring up individuals who have basic information and skills, who can think analytically and in a critical way and who are poised, healthy and creative. We have full day education in our school which gives high importance to the teaching of a second language in order to help them to become individuals, to improve their intellectual and communicative skills. In addition to the curriculum specified by the ministry of national education, students have four hours of Spanish lesson weekly. Our students are monitored by our psychologist and counselor and different tests being applied are shared with the parents.


Our teachers help the students:

  • To solve their physical, intellectual and emotional problems

  • To provide them with basic communication skills which they need for healthy relationships

  • To gain confidence and competence in skills like setting a goal, making a decision, making a choice and taking responsibility

  • To interpret life as a whole

  • To know and choose the occupations and higher education programs by taking the realities of society into account

  • To encourage them to study and have quality spare time

In our school, a democratic and modern education atmosphere is provided under the light of science, affection and toleration principals. In this atmosphere our students gain individual learning and teamwork skills, with the opportunities we provide, they are encouraged to improve themselves in the areas they select such as fine arts and sports. Education and training in our school continue by the education module which requires a foreign and a native teacher talking two languages at the same time in the same classroom. Beginning from the 4th grade, we give our students a placement test once a month. They are placed into an academic program according to the test results. At weekends, in a Saturday activity program between 10:30-13:00, we have cultural activities which will help their social improvement, social clubs and academic programs.


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