Ankara İngiliz Kültür Koleji


Methods and techniques of Visual Arts lesson and effects on students:

  • The topic of Visual Art education; the form of self-expressing in process which also includes sense, thinking and physical activities.

  • Students find original solutions by discovering their individual skills, esthetic and critical sides.

  • They grow up as individuals who are self-confident and sensitive to intercultural awareness by seeing art from a different perspective.

A student who has Visual Arts lesson;

  • improves his/her capacity of original thinking, production and experience

  • can have esthetic critics consciously about art and design with the help of his/her improving esthetic sense

  • feels pleasure of artistic creation and appreciates the artists

  • knows and uses the methods and techniques which are used in Visual Arts

  • visits museums, art galleries and art academies

  • studies Turkish and foreign artists and art movements by doing reproduction works

In Visual Arts lessons; pattern information, visual perception, form and face in painting, composition, colour, painting techniques are taught while in Technology Design lesson; spotting the differences, imagining, questioning, creative thinking and reasoning processes are emphasized.


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