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To make students develop positive attitude towards Science and Technology lesson, information about the nature of Science and Technology lesson should be provided first.

Science is a systematic way of understanding the world that we live in. It is restricted to data-based explanations based upon observation and experience. Thus, explanations which can not be grounded to experimental proof and scientific theory are not the parts of science.

Science is an overall process which can be defined individually in different ways.

Briefly science is;

  • discovering nature

  • organizing truth and logical reasoning

  • a method of discovering

  • exploring the world

  • an organized set of information

  • finding the truth

  • solving problems

  • observing and describing the truth

There is a close relationship between science and technology. Both use each other’s products and a change which occurs in one causes improvement in another. Science and technology are creative activities which take long term place in each culture. While the aim of science is to understand and describe the universe, the aim of technology is to meet needs of people find solutions for improving life conditions. There are always lots of possible solutions and inevitable needs, aims and restrictions in technology. Thus, the main concern in technology is to develop the most appropriate solutions which pay regard to balance between cost and profit in terms of society, economy and environment.

The aim is to;

  • make students learn and understand the natural world and have the excitement of intellectual richness,

  • encourage students to have curiosity for scientific and technologic progression in each level,

  • make students understand the nature of science and technology, interaction of science, technology, society and environment,

  • make students gain configuration skills of new information via survey, study and discussion,

  • set up a substructure which enables students develop interest and experience for information about science and technology based jobs in terms of education and profession choice,

  • make students learn how to learn and thus enhance their capacity to keep pace with changing facilities of jobs,

  • make students use science and technology for problem solving with the help of gaining new information under unusual circumstances,

  • make students use appropriate scientific procedures and principals while making personal decisions,

  • make students recognize social, economic and ethic values, personal health and environment problems about science and technology and take the responsibility of these and making sensible decisions,

  • make students eager to know and understand, have the scientific values such as questioning, appreciation of logic, thinking of the consequences of acts and behave according to these values,

  • make students increase their economic efficiency by using knowledge, understanding and ability in their career.
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