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Drama is a method that contains the activities of improvisation, creation and empathy. It helps people improve their communication and know themselves and the other. Drama uses the techniques of theater, yet it is not theater. Drama is a group activity in which there is no difference between the performer and the audience. It is a simultaneous formation with the participation of the whole group. It does not have a specific text and it does not need rehearsals. There is no obligation of costume and accessory in drama. It is a dramatization based on the group dynamic. It can also be referred to as ‘Creative Drama’ as it includes simultaneous formation and creation. Bringing the ideas into life with a humanist progress is also called drama. It requires being creative without hindrance, knowing yourself and getting rid of stereotypical ideas. Drama is also a way of designing the humanist actions and making them come alive. Drama can be referred to under its lexical meaning as “real events taking place as in a stage play” .

Drama in Education;

  • Developing the self-confidence and the ability of expression of a student,

Psychomotor, think in terms of language development to provide empathy,

To improve feelings such as cooperation, solidarity, sharing and take a  role in teaching instructional-education,

Have different points of view and store new information permanently,

Judging and discussion is a phase that can create a democratic environment,


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