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Information Technology constitutes the basis of the learning environment. Its contributions cannot be ignored in terms of  many points; it helps individuals educate themselves in a lifelong process and helps them broaden their minds, it helps them gain skills and information on the subjects of their professions, and it gives the possibility to take the education to faraway places. Some of the other benefits of Information Technologies can be listed below;

  • Improving the collaboration of society, school, teachers and students by using the tools of information technology.

  • Improving the quality of education by supporting the learning environment with educational and operative software, electronic references, and educative games.

  • Integrating information technologies’ tools to the each level of learning environment.

  • Providing students the possibility to reach all kind of information technologies’ tools during their education life.

  • Making students gain the access of accurate information technologies at accurate time and accurate place.

  • Teaching students how to use the tools of information technologies in their daily life and making them gain the abilities of reaching information, solving a problem, processing and presenting information.

  • Making students gain the ability of self-learning actively by saving them from the passive learning environment.

  • Providing students the usage of internet, drawing programs, word processors, electronic spreadsheets and presentation software.

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