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British Culture Colleges aims to bring up individuals who can think outside the box and who are sufficient academically.

We create projects, activities and practical lessons in workshops in order to help British Culture College Middle School students think outside the classical patterns in a living space which is close to the real life. In this way, educational attainments are made more permanent.  In accordance with these attainments, in addition to the placement tests and exams which are done in order to have information about the levels of knowledge and improvement, we work through studies to help the students to know and choose the occupations and higher education programs by taking the realities of society into account, to study in an amusing way and to use time wisely.

In British Culture College Middle School, in accordance with the bilingual education module, other than Education of Religion and Ethics and Turkish, our English teachers accompany all lessons together with our teachers who are leading experts in their own fields. In this way, our students, during lessons like math, science, social studies, music, arts, and information technology, after they grasp the subject and make exercises in their own languages they do activities in English related to the terminology of the lesson. Therefore, English becomes more than just translation; it becomes a part of their lives. When viewed from this aspect, our school presents an education module which you cannot find in any other language course or school. Our students not only learn English on a daily language level, but they learn academic English which they can use in their career and academic studies after they graduate. In our school, just like English, native teachers give Spanish lessons which are accompanied by Turkish teachers 4 hours a week.


During the education program which is applied on Saturdays between 10:00-13:00, in addition to academic studies, social clubs and activities like theatre, dance, piano and chess, which can support their social development, are applied.


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