Ankara İngiliz Kültür Koleji


English for Fun Learning English has never been fun so much!

If you want to improve your English while playing games such as taboo, scrabble, the wheel of fortune and who wants to be a millionaire, just join  our club.

Ceramic Clay comes to life in your hands!

Chess Checkmate. Intelligence, strategy and fun are all in-one!

Percussion Are you ready to develop a sense of rhythm and have fun?

Eco- School What do you think about collaborating for a liveable green world?

Origami Creating figures without cutting or sticking.  You are always welcome to our club.

Little Chefs Prospective master chefs of rich cuisine are welcome to our club.

Programming for Kids A different club for our students who want to improve the speed of thought and are fond of following developments in the field of software…..

English Drama Learning the techniques of acting, improving English in a fluent way, performing what they have learned in front of the community and taking on different characters, have never been fun so much!

Turkish Drama Students who want to give life to different characters by using Turkish in the best way are welcomed to our club!

Creative Drama “The pen is the tongue of the mind” Cervantes. Doing wonders with the tip of your pencil, opening the doors of a new world are in your hands!

Mind Games and TUBITAK Are you ready to solve the universal language of maths and science? Meet us in our club to discover the charming world of mind!

English Publication Let’s write everything about our school and world and publish it!

Step We’re waiting to feel the rhythm and health step by step.

Aviation Little pilots and future airmen! What about creating our modal planes together and making them fly?

World Cultures How about learning different countries’ cultures, foods, dances and languages?

Community Service What about a team work to feel the magic of help and learn to share?

Civil Defence This club is right for you to learn what can be done before and after an earthquake and other natural disasters in drills!

Democracy and Human Rights We’re waiting for students who want to get and share information about human rights and democracy and write and publish articles on our school journal.

Pilates Join us for flexibility, power, energy and mental concentration!

Fashion Design Create your own designs! Enhance your skills; share it with all of your friends.

Folklore If you want to learn our regional folk dances and shine on stage with colourful clothes, you are in the right club!

German/ Spanish Do you want to learn one of the most  spoken languages in the world? Theatre, acting, dance! They are all in our club!

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